Flipped Instruction – CAHPERD 2019

This is a compilation of resources on the Flipped Classroom and/or Flipped Instruction.  Click on the red links for videos and/or articles.

Jon Bergmann gives us a challenge to change our teaching ways!

Reach every student every day!


Flipped Instruction in a nutshell.

Flipping the Classroom: Explained


Robert Talbert provides tips that he wished he had known before starting to Flip.

Four tips to Flip


Sample of Judson Sickler’s work

Judson’s Website

Tinickling Video


Student Sample from KIN 359

Hopping Video


5 Reasons You Should Be Thrilled That Your Child Is In A Flipped Classroom.  Jon Bergmann.

Flipped Class Primer for Parents


Bai, Ying, Research on the Design Method of Physical Education Curriculum Based on the Flipped Classroom Concept,  Educational Sciences: Theory & Practice. 18(5), 1604-1611.

Cabi, Emine, The Impact of the Flipped Classroom Model on Students’ Academic Achievement, International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning, V19 N3, July 2018.

Isidori, Emanuele, Oscar Chiva-Bartoll, Alessandra Fazio and Iosif Sandor, Flipped Classroom in Physical Education: Pedagogical Models and Possible Implementation through Web 2.0,  eLearning & Software for Education; 2018, Vol. 3, p274-279.

Killian, Chad M. and Amelia Mays Woods, Expanding Learning Opportunities in Kinesiology Through the Use of Flipped Instruction, Kinesiology Review, November 2018, Vol. 7 Issue 4, p332-7p.

Flipped Classroom Infographic

Flipped Website Resources (with links)

The Flipped Learning Global Initiative: Jon Bergmann


Flipped Consulting: Barbi Honeycutt



Bergman, Jon and Aaron Sams, Flip Your Classroom: Reach Every Student In Every Class Every Day, International Society for Technology in Education, 2012.

Talbert, Robert, FLIPPED LEARNING: A Guide for Higher Education Faculty, Stylus Pubishing, LLC, 2017.




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