Flipped Resources

Articles (with links)

Bai, Ying, Research on the Design Method of Physical Education Curriculum Based on the Flipped Classroom Concept,  Educational Sciences: Theory & Practice. 18(5), 1604-1611.

Cabi, Emine, The Impact of the Flipped Classroom Model on Students’ Academic Achievement, International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning, V19 N3, July 2018.

Honeycutt, Barbi, Flippable Moments: 3 Places Look Before You FLIP IT (2020)

Isidori, Emanuele, Oscar Chiva-Bartoll, Alessandra Fazio and Iosif Sandor, Flipped Classroom in Physical Education: Pedagogical Models and Possible Implementation through Web 2.0,  eLearning & Software for Education; 2018, Vol. 3, p274-279.

Killian, Chad M. and Amelia Mays Woods, Expanding Learning Opportunities in Kinesiology Through the Use of Flipped Instruction, Kinesiology Review, November 2018, Vol. 7 Issue 4, p332-7p.

McCollum, Brett M., Cassidy Fleming, Kara Plotnikoff, Darlene Skagen, Relationships in the Flipped Classroom, The Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, V8 I3, December 2018.

Petty, Bethany, 4 Tools for a Flipped Classroom, Edutopia, July 23, 2018.

Talbert, Robert, The Flipped Learning One-Year Plan (2018)

Flipped Classroom Infographic

Flipped Website Resources (with links)

The Flipped Learning Global Initiative: Jon Bergmann


AALAS International Standards


Flipped Consulting: Barbi Honeycutt



Bergmann, Jonathan and Aaron Sams, flipped learning: GATEWAY TO STUDENT ENGAGEMENT, International Society for Technology in Education, 2014

Bergmann, Jon and Aaron Sams, Flip Your Classroom: Reach Every Student In Every Class Every Day, International Society for Technology in Education, 2012.

Talbert, Robert, FLIPPED LEARNING: A Guide for Higher Education Faculty, Stylus Pubishing, LLC, 2017.



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